Salsa Classes NYC

8 Week Beginner Course (Part 1 & Part 2)

Tuesday or Thursday
(Cycled Class – Please See New Cycle Dates)

The Salsa Absolute Beginner Bootcamp is for the student with little to no experience of Salsa and wants to learn the Fundamentals, Salsa Turn Patterns, Musicality and more…

The course is 8-weeks, once per week, and is split into 2 parts. It’s the perfect course to get you ready for the dance floor…

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Tools & Techniques

Monday & Wednesday @ 6:30pm
(Open Level Class)

The Advanced Beginner class consists of Salsa shines & tools (such as copas, wraps, 180's) and turn patterns. We cover the leading & following techniques of each tool and how to incorporate it into a Salsa turn pattern.

Must have a good foundation and understanding of Salsa timing, know how to lead/follow inside and outside turns and different variations & combinations using these tools.

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Monday & Wednesday @ 7:30pm
(Open Level Class)

Students with at least 7-8 months of Salsa On2 experience can join at any time and don’t need to wait for a new cycle to start.

We recommend starting at the beginning of the month when we start a new pattern.

Each week progressively adds more complex tools building up to a full pattern on the 4th week. This will leave you with a longer pattern so you will be able to continue practicing the tools and build your muscle memory.

We go deeper in this level by adding more stylish & creative variations of the skills & techniques taught in Advanced Beginner, while adding new concepts and tools.

We Will Cover:
• How to add sharpness of spins and body control so you are able to lead or follow efficiently all while keeping the timing
• Adding dynamic and controlling your body during more challenging turns & shines.

Get ready for an energetic class that takes your dance to the next level!



Monday @ 8:30pm
(Open Level Class)

This class is our highest level in Salsa and is designed for the Intermediate/Advanced level student who wants to master their tools and techniques. This will help you understand what it takes to be fluid on the dance floor, make your dancing more smooth, and dig deeper into their dancing skills while learning to add body movement and body control.

Students must be extremely comfortable with:
• On2 timing
• All of the tools & techniques in our Advanced Beginner level
• All of the tools & techniques in our Intermediate level
• Dancing socially in events consistently for at least 1 year or more

In this class you will learn advanced intricate footwork using syncopated steps, advanced concepts, turns and shines and what goes behind the memorization so you learn how to execute them smooth and efficiently on the dance floor.

You will learn to create good habits and add dynamic to your dancing by coming more in tuned to musicality. This class will take you to the next level.

Please ask an instructor at JoelSalsa if you are ready for this level.


4 Week Beginner Course (2 hours)

(Cycled Class – Please See New Cycle Dates)

We have taken our 8-week Salsa Bootcamp program and condensed it into this 4-week Intensive course at 2 hours per week! This is the best program for students who aren't able to take our weekday classes.

You will learn the fundamentals of Salsa (timing, steps, shines & combos.) As we progress in the course you will be able to create more challenging turn patterns & shines as you continue to master the fundamentals.

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