About JoelSalsa

Joel Salsa NYC is a Latin dance school based in New York City. We offer different levels of Salsa On2 classes – Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced. All of our dance instructors are professional and our Salsa group classes are taught not only with the numbers, but we go deeper into the Salsa music to give you a better understanding of how to feel the rhythm and interpret it into your steps and partner work.

The owners and founders of JoelSalsa NY are Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri. They are the most sought after NYC Salsa instructors known for their unique style of dancing and teaching methods. They are known world wide as experts in musicality, technique, leading & following and helping dancers around the world reach their professional dance goals. This creates a very different vibe in their group dance classes and lets them stand out from the rest!

Joel Salsa NYC has been listed in TimeOut New York as one of the best places to take Salsa classes! They also specialize in Private lessons, corporate events and social dance events.

JoelSalsa Studio’s mission is to provide the highest level of artistic education and to inspire dancers & others around the world while keeping a loyal, friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Meet the Team

Our Salsa Instructors

Joel Dominguez

Owner, JoelSalsa
Salsa Instructor

Joel Dominguez is the Owner and Director of JoelSalsa Dance Company. His dream and mission was to open up a dance and online studio where he could teach students from all over the world the connection of Salsa music and dance. This is how Dance With Feeling and MySalsaOnline.com were born!

Joel has danced, taught, performed, choreographed and competed throughout various parts of the US and Mexico. He has studied music and dance for more than twenty years and boasts expertise in a broad range of latin dances including Salsa, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Bachata, and Casino Rueda.

He has appeared in commercials, music videos, news programs, and has danced professionally as a promotion for the incomparable, Gloria Estefan; but he maintains that his true passion has always remained with his ability to convey to others his enthusiasm for Salsa music and dance.

He contends that these combined entities celebrate an art form that represents, at the same time, both fever and fluidity. Joel has made it his life’s work to share that passion with others! Along with DJ Antonio “La Conga”, Joel is co-founder and owner of one of the best and biggest events in NYC – La Vieja Guardia Salsa Social also known as LVG.

Maria Palmieri

Co-owner, JoelSalsa
Salsa Instructor

Maria Palmieri is the co-owner and Director of JoelSalsa Dance Company. When Joel and her met on the dance floor they both discovered the same love and passion for Salsa music and dance! They both drove the same mission of opening a studio in NYC and an Online studio around the world!

Maria’s love for dance transcends into her love for life. Dance for Maria is not only about moving your body but something much more important. For her, dance is life. Dance teaches you self-awareness, expression, how to give and take, and ultimately, how to live a happy and healthy life in balance.

Maria came to appreciate all styles of music and eventually trained in a variety of dance styles from Ballet and Classical to Hip-Hop. In her early 20’s, Maria was offered a gig as a tourist dancer in a resorts Acapulco Mexico and this experience inspired her passion for Latin dance.

Maria’s hard work, dedication and passion for dance was recognized in dance competitions like the Manhattan Latin championships where she won 1st place as a newcomer and 3rd place in the Latin championship. Maria is certified as a professional dance teacher by DVIDA – Dance Vision International Dancers Association (DVIDA®) structure which is recognized by the Nation Dance Council of America.

Claudia Sol

Salsa Instructor

Claudia Sol was born in Monterrey, Mexico. She studied Contemporary Dance at Escuela Superior de Música y Danza de Monterrey, and Psychology at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León. Claudia has taught and performed Latin Dance in Mexico, the U.S.A, Japan, Hungary, France, Ireland, Curacao, Canada, Spain and Estonia.

She danced with Juventud Mexicana, Sunny Savoy and Salzumba, among other companies while she was Mexico. She also hosted the Salsa TV show called “Skandalo Latino” and won the Monterrey Salsa Open competition in 2007 and 2008.

Claudia Sol moved to Wisconsin in 2012 and opened Solseras teams in Madison and Milwaukee. After a few years she transferred to Portland, Oregon where she continued to teach Salsa, Spanish and founded Solseras Salsa team. In August of 2016, Claudia moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of teaching and performing Salsa and sharing her love and passion of this dance with her students.

Nancy Bocanegra

Salsa Instructor

Nancy Bocanegra grew up in Queens, New York. Surrounded by latin music, heritage and culture, Nancy grew up learning how to dance salsa, merengue and bachata yet she took up folkloric dances at a young age performing in parades or schools in the area for special events.

She later stepped into a Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio where she was exposed to all sorts of partner dancing such as hustle, tango, cha cha, west coast swing, foxtrot and waltz yet her heart stayed true with salsa. She furthered her Salsa training by taking lessons with the many talented instructors in New York and even competed with choreographed routines and heats in Philadelphia, Miami, New York and Montreal placing in all categories.

After years of classes, performances, and competitions she started teaching and fell in love with sharing the concepts of dance with others. She also took up Yoga and received her certification to teach. She felt that the more she knew about the body and how it works, she could enhance her level of instruction. Nancy continues to train and teach students individually and as couples to find their style and confidence on any dance floor!

Darrah Samuels at JoelSalsa

Darrah (Dazzy) Samuels

Salsa Instructor

Darrah (mostly known as Dazzy in the Salsa community) is from Fort Lee, New Jersey. Darrah grew up with a love of dance and dabbled with jazz, tap, and hip hop classes in her early years.

Darrah began taking her first Salsa classes in Connecticut, where she attended college, at Alisa's House of Salsa. When she moved back to New Jersey, she took on1 classes at Latin Ballroom Dance. In 2009 Darrah began attending the Salsa socials in New York City and quickly became enamored with New York style mambo on2.

Darrah quickly became a familiar face at Salsa socials, returning night after night to dance with everybody she could. She is a sought after social dancer and is known for her impeccable abilities to follow, spin effortlessly, connect to her partner and the music. She has traveled internationally to dance and teach workshops.

Darrah’s passion and love for Salsa are evident and infectious. Anyone who has seen her dance can tell she is always having fun! She loves sharing the joy that Salsa brings to her students