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About JoelSalsa

Joel Salsa NY is a Latin dance school based in New York City.
They offer different dance styles and levels of Salsa & Bachata classes.
All of the dance instructors are professional and the Salsa & Bachata group classes are taught not only with the numbers, but they go deeper into Salsa & Bachata music to give you a better understanding of how to feel the rhythm and interpret it into your steps and partner work.

This creates a very different vibe in their group dance classes and lets them stand out from the rest!

The owners and founders of JoelSalsa NY are Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri..

They are the most sought after NYC Salsa instructors known for their unique style of dancing and teaching methods. They are known world wide as experts in musicality, technique, leading & following and helping dancers around the world reach their professional dance goals.

Joel Salsa NY was recently listed in TimeOut New York as one of the best places to take Salsa classes!

They also specialize in Private lessons, corporate events and social dance events.

JoelSalsa Studio’s mission is to provide the highest level of artistic education and to inspire dancers & others around the world while keeping a loyal, friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Joel Dominguez salsa

Joel Dominguez
Owner, JoelSalsa
Salsa Instructor

Joel Dominguez has danced, taught, performed, choreographed and competed throughout various parts of the US and Mexico. He has been studying music and dance for more than ten years and boasts expertise in a broad range of latin dances including Salsa, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Bachata, and Casino Rueda.

He has appeared in commercials, music videos, news programs, and has danced professionally as a promotion for the incomparable, Gloria Estefan; but he maintains that his true passion has always remained with his ability to convey to others his enthusiasm for Salsa music and dance.

He contends that these combined entities celebrate an art form that represents, at the same time, both fever and fluidity. Joel has made it his life’s work to share that passion with others.

As a promoter, he, in cooperation with DJ Antonio “La Conga”, founded the La Vieja Guardia Salsa Social Events.

Maria Palmieri salsa nyc

Maria Palmieri
Co-owner, JoelSalsa
Salsa Instructor

Maria is the one of the main Salsa Instructors at JoelSalsa. She is a very passionate dancer and is known for her sexy and unique style. Maria teaches and performs nationwide with her partner Joel Dominguez. She also specializes in teaching Ladies Styling workshops that help ladies add more confidence, femininity and sexiness to their dancing. She will work the girls to help them bring out their own sexiness and add expression to their dancing. She believes everyone has something unique to add into their dancing……
For more info on Maria and her intensive workshops, please visit her website http://MariaPalmieri.com

Edwin bachata nyc

Edwin Ferreras
Bachata Instructor

“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak” God has blessed me with the ability to learn, imitate, re-create, blend, invent, and teach. I have been teaching since the first day I learned anything in school, as my mother was one of my first students. Even though I’ve been dancing since my days in the womb, it wasn’t till the age of 12 that I started taking it more seriously. I started with folkloric and traditional music from the Dominican Republic, merengue and bachata. At the start of my High School chapter, I dove into the hip-hop culture and later entered the salsa community. It’s safe to say that I enjoy trying new dance styles and I have no preference for style. In fact, I love fusing them all to create new moves, which I can pass on to others who share my vision.

Daniela bachata nyc

Bachata Instructor

Daniela Grosso developed the love and passion for bachata amongst her friends, going to different local clubs that held bachata nights only. This is how she met Edwin M. Ferreras, her dance partner, who like her is also a professional dancer, instructor, and choreographer. Daniela started training with Edwin and assisting his classes in June of 2011. Dani has performed and taught in various dance congresses and festivals, and has toured with popular music artists. She has worked in various cities in the U.S. including; New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Providence, Boston, Dallas, Houston, and many more.

Daniela has also been nominated for multiple Dance Awards in Reno Nevada including, Best New Teachers, Best Bachata Instructors, Best Choreographers, and Best Performing Couple, amongst other categories.

Dani’s services include performances, choreography for music videos, weddings, sweet 16’s, corporate events, private classes, group classes, workshops, and more. Her goal is to take her love passion for dance to a global market to share and teach students around the world the wonderful and expressive art form of dance.

andrea ude

Andrea Ude
Salsa Instructor

Andrea Ude began dancing at age 4, learning and performing a variety of styles, including ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical. With a hunger to further diversify her experience with as many dancing styles as possible, Andrea dedicated her college career to expanding her practice, knowledge, and love of dance. She graduated with a BFA in Dance Studies from Long Island University CW Post in 2009. During her undergrad career, she worked with multiple emerging choreographers and performed in legacy works with modern dance companies.

Since graduating, Andrea has continued to engross herself in the dancing world, with a specific focus on social dance, training extensively in Latin styles such as Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, and Cha-Cha as well as smooth styles.

With more than 20 years of dance experience, Andrea has been sharing her love and knowledge of dance through teaching for nearly a decade. From ensuring newlyweds have the perfect first dance, to instilling confidence in individuals looking to learn, Andrea continues to share her passion for dance as a salsa instructor at JoelSalsa.

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