The first step before learning to dance salsa

When learning to dance salsa, the first thing you need to take into account is the style you want to learn

Imagine that you invest 4 or 5 months of your time and money to learn salsa on 1 (during this time you don’t know what salsa on 1 or salsa on 2 or any other style is). You feel you are ready to go out dancing and practice your salsa steps and turn patterns. You arrive at the club where all the dancers are and can’t understand why you can’t even dance a step with your partner. It turns out that you have learnt to dance on 1 (without reralising there are different styles) and most people in your area dance on 2.

What a waste of time and money!

So before starting clases, I recommend that your find out what style of salsa is mainly danced in the area where you live. For example in New York, the main style is on 2, while in Los Angeles, they mainly dance on 1 (also known as New York style and LA style salsa)

So contact some of the clubs near where you live and ask them what is the main style of salsa, Cuban salsa, Salsa on 1, Salsa on 2, Colombian Salsa etc

Here are some videos where I explain the difference between dancing on 1 and dancing on 2