Spring Salsa & Bachata Saturdays

5 Week Course! You will be ready to dance by the summer!


April 13th to May 11th

Bachata – 12-1.30pm

Salsa – 1.30-3pm

This special 5 week course will be 1.5 hours and is designed for the Absolute Beginner who wants to learn all the fundamentals of Salsa or Bachata or both!
The main focus in this course is for the student to build a strong foundation in both footwork and partnerwork as well as leading and following techniques, while gaining a better understanding of the music. You will also be able to explore and learn different ways to interpret the musical instruments such as the conga in Salsa and the bongo in Bachata.

This course will get you ready for all of the summer latin dance events! It will also prepare you for our more advanced level classes!

No prior training or experience is necessary but beginner students are advised to start the course at beginning of a cycle since its a progressive course and follows an 5 week structure.

No partner required for any of our courses!


1 course – either Salsa or Bachata = $99


Both courses Salsa & Bachata – $175