September Specialty Workshop

Fundamentals of Single & Multiple Turns with Elvis Collado


Advanced Beginner Level or Higher

Join us for this unique and very exciting 4-week workshop at JoelSalsa with World Salsa Champion, Elvis Collado! Elvis is sought after for his great technique in movement, spinning and ability to lead and follow seamlessly!

In this course you will explore and follow through different exercises, techniques and tips that will help you become aware of your body and guide you to better execute and control your spins on your own, with a partner, in spot or traveling.

We will review, break down and drill proper body alignment, balance & control, single & multiple spins, changes of direction & much more.

The course will build upon certain drills that will help you gain the muscle memory you need so we highly recommend completing the full course to get the most benefit!

 Fundamentals of Single & Multiple Turns with Elvis Collado -  Specialty class at JoelSalsa

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