(8 Weeks Twice per week TIME- TBA)

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When: TBA
Time :  8:30pm – 10pm  (Tuesday & Thursday)
Where: JoelSalsa 519 8th Ave 12th floor (btwn 35th & 36th street).
Level:  Advanced Beginner / Intermediate and higher
Cost :  $250 for entire course

*Open to Only 15 Men & 15 Women

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What You Will Get in This Salsa Intensive Training Course:

– You will be able to control your steps and make them look smooth and fluid by
understanding the “concept” instead of memorizing moves/turns/patterns.

– You will learn how to understand the layers in Salsa music and be able to
connect certain body movements with the music that will give you more energy and emphasis to your dancing

_ You will learn how to break down the afro cuban moves to enhance your
body movement and to incorporate this into your salsa dancing
(Special guest instructor for this!)

– Connection is an important part of partner dancing and you will learn the “Triangle of Connection”.

– Learn how to have presence in every dance and what you need to do to keep
the confidence and having fun throughout the entire song without looking or feeling worried.

– Find out the secrets that goes behind the dancing and not just stepping or counting your steps

– Get creative on your own!

– You will build a strong foundation where you feel so controlled and confident
that you are able to dance with ANYONE!

– Increase your self-esteem and confidence on the dance floor

Join top NY Salsa instructors – Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri –
in this one of a kind training for dancers like you who are ready to get out of
your comfort zone and start dancing to a whole other level!

Featured Instructors in Afro-Cuban rhythms, Isolations, Strength and more…!!!