Maria Palmieri gives tips to control balance for ladies turns!

Salsa Tips Tuesdays – Video 4

Salsa Tip Tuesdays - Balance Tips for Ladies - Video 4 thumbnail

  • Rose Heindel-Mellinger

    Thanks for sharing! I have such a difficult time with keeping my balance in turns, and I haven’t heard this tip before.

    • Thank you Rose for your comment hope this tip helps, let us know how it goes after your apply it social dancing 🙂

      • Rose Heindel-Mellinger

        It definitely helped! Also, I was taking too big of steps during my turns and that was throwing me off balance. I’m still in the stage where I’m thinking way too hard about things, so when I correct one thing, the other falls apart! Haha! But, with practice, I think I will have my turns nailed soon. Thanks so much for the tip!