Musicality Salsa Timing Workshop

By Joel Dominguez and Maria Palmieri

Date: Thursday, March 29th

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pmSalsa Timing workshop New York

Pearl Studios
500 8th Ave 12t floor, room 1206
New York.

Price: $20

Please reserve your space by email to

Do you ask yourself one or more of these questions?…

How can I improve my leading and follow?

Why do some of the turn patterns I learned in class don’t work in social dancing?

How can I dance complete sync with my partner to make all the moves look and feel smooth and easy?

How can the instruments help me fix all of the issues from the questions above?

How can I improvise more moves when I dance Salsa in Social Events?

I want to talk about the common issues that happen on the dance floor and more important how to fix them. I’ve been dancing/teaching for more than 14 years and it took me all this time to find out the answer to all the questions myself…

Now I want to share with you my experience and knowledge (which took me years to learn) and explain what helped me the most to improve my dancing and summarize this into a workshop!

If you are asking yourself all of these questions and want to improve your dancing then this will be the perfect workshop for you! Of course, we are going to cover much more than that, as well as answer any questions that you have on your mind.

We encourage you to bring them to the workshop!!!

Workshop Program:

1 Registration
20 minutes to register starting at 6:30pm
(the faster that we register the sooner that we start the workshop)

2 Timing and Musicality
-Introduction to music and understand when to start and continue with the timing thru the whole song.
-How to listen to the conga, piano and cowbell and different ways to interpret them to create a different feeling while you are dancing.
-Learn how these instruments guide you to follow and lead with precision.
-Learn steps that you can incorporate to the music.

Be prepared to have a great and very different experience!

NOTE: You must have the fundamentals of salsa
(must completed Salsa Bootcamp part 1)