Specialty Series Workshops at JoelSalsa NY
Salsa Technique – Footwork, Spin Technique & Body Movement
(4-Week Workshop) by Anya Katsevman
The 4-week cycle will run from May 31st – June 21st
Wednesdays – 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Join 2x World Salsa Champion – Anya Katsevman for this unique
4-week workshop where she will break down all the fundamentals needed for execution of turn patterns, footwork/shines, body movement & spin technique!


This workshop series will focus on the KEY fundamentals of how to take your dancing to the next level and be more in control of your body to be able to move freely and effortlessly on the dance floor.


This course will advance progressively each week touching on the following:

  1. Using the floor
  2. Proper weight transfer in Turns & Footwork
  3. Proper Spin Technique
  4. Core control & balance
  5. Body Movement


Each week will be progressive so we recommend doing the entire 4-week course to get the most benefit!


Spaces are LIMITED!

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