Salsa Musicality and Bachatarengue Workshops This Wknd! Back to Back!

When:  Saturday, November 17th 2012
Time:  1-3pm (please come 20-30 minutes early to register as we will start on time!)
Where:  JoelSalsa – 519 8th Avenue, 12th floor, NYC
Price:  1 Workshop for $20, Both Workshops for $30 – Cash Only!
How :  Email to reserve your space

Salsa Musicality Workshop (1-2pm)conga-cowbell-timing-salsa
This workshop will help you understand how to listen to the music so you will know
when to start dancing and to be able to keep the timing throughout the whole song.

We will show you how to predict when the music changes and to understand in a simple
way how phrases in a song repeats.

You will also learn how to detect different instruments within the music, such as the conga, cowbell
and how to interpret them in different ways to create a totally different feeling and
styling to your dancing.

We will end with a more challenging, fun and musical choreography using all the elements mentioned
above plus how to play with the voice and trumpets of the song. You don’t want to miss this!


Bachata-rengue Workshop (2-3pm)bongo-guiro-bachatarengue

This workshop will be a creative blend of the hottest moves and a total burst of dance workout
while exploring musicality.
It will have a strong focus on dance footwork within merengue’s fast-paced
music infused with bachata’s most prominent instruments, Bongo, Bass, and Requinto
(bacahta guitar).
Want to learn to listen, feel natural, and become more versatile, all while
burning lots of calories? Then this is the workshop for you!
In this workshop you will transcend bachata and merengue musicality while learning new moves in a high-energy environment with Edwin & Daniela from LFX Dancers.