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JoelSalsa Dancers with Rihanna - Page six article

JoelSalsa dancers were ecstatic to work with Rihanna at her Private Latin themed bash she threw for her assistant’s birthday in NYC.

They were hired to teach a Salsa class to Rihanna and her entire staff & guests.

JoelSalsa dancers also performed and entertained the crowd throughout the night along side Cuban band Yuniel Jimenez and his orquestra.

Article was featured in NY Post’s Page Six.

It was a great night for all!

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  • Great to show Rihanna as a big star of Salsa Dancing. But as per recent news on New york, Glow sticks and Rihanna? Headline sounds like an attempt to portray
    Clinton as cool to younger voters… and sure enough, it was a “crowd”
    of 30 in one bar. Lol.