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Salsa Advanced Beginner and Intermediate

Salsa Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Salsa

Salsa Advance Beginner Class – Monday & Wednesday 6:30PM

For the Adv Beg Class you must have either completed the 8 week Bootcamp or have some Salsa experience – know your basics, right and left turns, cross body lead with inside and outside turns. In this class you will learn more complex variations and footwork “shines” while strengthening your fundamentals, leading and following techniques with the timing.

During each class a new variation is presented and time is allotted for practicing various steps and turns called combinations. All of this takes place under the instruction and guidance of your expert trainers. As you master more and more of the skills being taught, you will begin to create fun turns of your own and you will feel more comfortable putting moves together into your own combinations.


MTTM – Master Timing, Technique, Musicality – Wednesday 7:30PM

This cycled class is for Advanced Beginner level & Higher. Must know all tools & concepts in this level before joining the MTTM course.

MTTM covers drills in techniques, timing and musicality.

You will learn how to train your ear to different instruments while using them in your dancing. We cover spinning drills, core balance, weight shifts all according with the music.

Learning how to keep the “triangle of connection” throughout the entire song with your partner. Understanding the different rhythms and how to add body movements to the rhythms without sacrificing timing.


Intermediate Salsa Class – Salsa Skills & Drills – Wednesday 8:30PM

This class is designed for the Intermediate level student who wants to master the tools and techniques and to understand what it takes to be fluid on the dance floor. In this class you will learn the concepts behind the turns, spins and shines and learn how to execute them efficiently by creating muscle memory and good habits, and not just by memorizing the patterns/sequence.

Salsa Dancing goes beyond 1,2,3 – 5,6,7 and this class will take you to the next level.

Students must be extremely comfortable with their On2 timing and at least be dancing for 6 months or more in Advanced Beginner Level or higher.

All students need to be pre-approved by Joel or Maria before taking this class.
Email: info@joelsalsa.com for more information.

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