Specialty Series Workshops at JoelSalsa NY

Afro Cuban & Rumba (4-Week Workshop) by Yesenia Selier:
The 4-week cycle will run from January 2nd – January 23rd
7:30pm – 8:30pm
Rumba is a dynamic Cuban street dance that has captivated the attention of the world for almost 100 years.

Learning Rumba will help you master body motion, transitions, timing and musicality for all kinds of Latin and street dances, like salsa, mambo, timba, reggaeton, hip hop and others.

Teaches the beginner dancer an awareness of the body and musicality: Learn to really feel the rhythm in your body and to dance in the heart beat of all Latin dance, La Clave!

For the more advanced dancer, it teachers you a new range of movements and introduces the concept of continuous movement with subtle accents.

In these 4 weeks, the student will learn footwork, body technique and combinations.

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