Dance With Feeling – DVD

Finally a tool that will help you to dance with feeling!!!
Counting will help you keep the timing, but will the numbers really help you to feel the sound of the instruments?
All the songs are different and in the same way you can express yourself different in every song.
Can you imagine that you will know exactly when the music makes a change and you are ready to react with a body movement?
You can dance by listening to only one instrument and it’s very easy.
The benefit that you will appreciate more about dancing this way, is that you will be dancing all night long!! Who doesn’t like to dance with someone that keeps the timing without sacrificing the flavor =)
You will have instant access and you will be ready to start practicing today!!!
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Melissa Rosado Presents Ladies Styling DVD ONLINE!!!

This beginner/intermediate level DVD will help you develop sensual and sexy styling beginning with fundamentals basic movement and advancing to more complicated arm and body movement designed to be incorporated into partnering and shines. please visit here to purchase