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Salsa Classes Online

Salsa Beginner Bootcamp Series

salsa lessons online- bootcamp
  • Learn how to dance salsa from the comfort of your home
  • Step by Step Instruction by male and female in every video
  • Get Access from any device with Internet Access
  • Learn the same system that is used to teach in NYC from Top Salsa Instructors Joel & Maria
  • Unlimited access for life

Salsa Membership

salsa lessons online membership
  • Learn new salsa turn patterns, footwork and techniques from anywhere in the world by professional and experienced top NYC instructors Joel & Maria
  • Receive fresh and new material every month that you can add into your dancing now
  • Have access to these turns and footwork all the time, so you can practice any time!
  • Discover how to get creative on your own by using the techniques we give you

Salsa Timing Course

Learn Salsa Timing and Musicality - Dance With Feeling

salsa timing lessons online-dance with feeling
  • You will be able to start understanding the music in a simple way
  • We will show you how to find the beats in the music and to be able to maintain the timing without counting.
  • Change from instrument to instrument during the same song without loosing the timing with your partner
  • Works for any style of Salsa Dancers on1, on2, etc…

Salsa Ladies Styling

Ladies Styling DVD Online

salsa ladies styling course online melissa
  • Series of head, shoulders, ribs and hips warm-up to prepare for body movement
  • Detailed description and demonstration of hand design as well as a series of arm styling exercises
  • Specific arm styling for the basic step, turn patterns, partnering, and open shines
  • Normal and slow tempo demonstrations of each scene with and without music

Bachata Online Classes

Fundamental Bachata By Edwin & Daniela

Bachata Fundamentals by Edwin & Daniela

Bachata Membership By Edwin & Daniela

bachata membership fundamentals-inter-advanced by Edwin Daniela

Fundamental Bachata By Alex Morel

bachata fundamentals by alex morel
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