November Specialty Workshop

Master Timing, Technique & Musicality

with Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri

Intermediate & Higher Level


Salsa is not only about memorizing turn patterns. It's about dancing them and understanding the HOW to, rather than the what to do, to make you look and FEEL amazing on the dance floor. There’s so much more that goes behind this dance which is why we'd like you to join Joel & Maria in their contagious course - MTTM!

This course will be for the social dancer (Intermediate & Up) who is looking for a more detailed training and interested in working on the finer points of Salsa that go much deeper than regular group classes. You will learn and be able to focus on speed, balance and coordination. How to have better partner connection, body movement, timing & musicality, core control and much more!

Salsa requires physical work and when we understand our own body and how to control it, we are able to listening to the music more, get creative, relax and enjoy the dance as much as we do!

This is a 4-week series, not a drop-in class. Must take full series to get most benefit.

Master Timing, Technique & Musicality JoelSalsa November Course

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