– Master Timing, Technique & Musicality – 

(4 Week Course – New Cycle Starts Every Month)

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DETAILS:Joelsalsa and Maria Palmieri salsa training

When: New Cycle Starts On Wednesday – June 3rd
Time :  7:30pm
Where: JoelSalsa 519 8th Ave 12th floor, Newyork
(btwn 35th & 36th street).

Level:  Advanced Beginner and higher
Cost :  $69 for 4 Week Cycle

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Maria and I are super excited about starting this new training program for you all. As we state in our group classes, Salsa is not just about memorizing turn patterns and footwork. It’s about dancing them and learning the how to, rather than what to, to make you look and feel great on the dance floor!

There’s so much more that goes behind this dance and we are ready to take this journey with you in our “Master Timing, Technique & Musicality” Course! (aka MTTM).

This course will be for the student who is looking for a more detailed training and interested in working on the finer points of Salsa that go much deeper than the regular group classes.

*You will need to be Advanced Beginner or higher level to join this course.

You will learn and be able to focus on partner connection, body movement exercises and drills, musicality, core control and balance, spinning drills, and much more!

Salsa requires patience and listening to the music as well as being able to connect with your partner on the dance floor. It is a partner dance and requires 100% from both parties and when this happens, you will be able to relax and really get creative to enjoy the dance as much as we do!

So if you are ready to take this journey with us, don’t wait any longer, sign up now! 

Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri