July Specialty Workshop


With Joel & Maria


If you feel that the patterns you are learning in class don’t feel or look the way that you would like them to and you want to look more confident, feel more connected to your partner, the floor and the music? Then this is the perfect workshop for you!

This will be for the Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level dancer and higher. We will cover tools that you can use to help you relax the body but connect with your center, your partner and the music. This will also help to lead and/or follow more efficiently and smoothly, while controlling your balance and adding power, style and dynamics to your dancing.

You will learn how and more importantly WHEN to use and not use Resistance by maintaining energy in the points of connection and using contra-body weight. We will use what we call the ‘Triangle of Connection’ in partner dancing.

The Goal for this workshop is for you to build a strong foundation where you feel so controlled and confident that you are able to dance with ANYONE!

Leading and Following Techniques with Joel & Maria at JoelSalsa July specialty Workshop

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