How to Dance Salsa – Numbers vs Tumbao of Conga

Salsa Tips Tuesdays – Video 5

How to Dance Salsa - Tumbao vs Numbers - Salsa On2

  • nan

    You guys are awesome, watching your videos every day. Will be there soon with husband for your boot camp. Thank you

  • Esmeralda

    Hello wonderful people. Could you do a class on losing the beat in the middle of a song? Sometimes I lose the beat in some timba songs or if there is an afro-cuban break.

  • Nando Senna

    When counting with numbers there’s a tendency to treat each step as having equal weight and timing , but as we know salsa rythym structure is fast-fast- slow -fast-fast. Using the conga sound helps you maintain the perfect timing as it forces you to hold longer in the middle as Joel and Maria masterly demostrate.

  • jerry

    I thought when I signed up (and paid for) these videos that “On 1” would be presented as well, but apparently I was mistaken. Disappointed.


    Well done guys. Nice guide to finding the feeling of the music. Effortless.
    – DJ Babaloo,NYC

  • El Guero

    I was taught to pause before you step back to the middle. on the 4 and 8 I would still have my foot forward or backward and only on the 1 and 5 I would be in the middle and stepping out on 2 and 6.

  • Yoder

    Very interesting video. Very useful for my students at http://habanastyle.com I will be instructing them on your methods. You have a great site and will recommend they check it out.

  • Awesome breakdown of how to think about the basic steps on 2. Would love a similar one to help explain musicality on 1. Do you have any tips of which instruments to focus on for people who do not recognise the rhytm in a song?