JOELSALSA ‘Dance With Feeling’ & Colorado Dance On2 – PRESENTS…
Salsa & Bachata New York Invasion
JoelSalsa in Denver

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Salsa Dance, Bachata Dance in Denver
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We are excited to bring to Denver in collaboration with Colorado Dance On2 some of the top NYC instructors in Salsa & Bachata.

This will be an event like no other!



We will have 6 hours of workshop on Saturday, June 4th teaching you everything from Musicality, Shines, Turn Patterns, Leading and Following Techniques & more on
Salsa & Bachata


Saturday evening, we are hosting a social event with LOTS of NYC Flavor.
Dj Cuba & Dj RJ will be playing their best collection of Classic Salsa, Mambo & Bachata music
Join this event that will give you a NYC experience.



SATURDAY, June 4th

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11:00 Am – 11:55 AmBachata Elements (Open Level)
This workshop will cover the basic steps, basic shapes and figures and the beginner turn patterns while introducing the structure of the music. The main focus will be on posture, connection and beginner patterns.
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12:00 Pm – 12:55 PmBachata Framework (Open Level)
This workshop will take Bachata elements to the next level. Diving deeper into the musical instrument timing, learning new and exciting shapes and figures, and leading and following techniques for complex and intricate patterns. Focus is on adding variety to your Bachata and exploring the basic timing of main instruments.
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1:00 Pm – 1.55 PmHard Core Bachata (Level TBA)
This is it. Doesn’t get any better than this. A super fun and challenging footwork pattering to stimulate all your bachata senses musicality, creativity and versatility. Learn some of the best footwork patterns, dive more in-depth into the music, and learn how to make better use of the information on the dance floor with a partner. Focus is on more advanced shapes and figures and more complex timing of musical instruments.
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2:00 Pm – 3.00 Pm LUNCH BREAK
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3:00 Pm – 3:55 PmSalsa On2 – Fundamentals & Techniques – Open Level
This is the perfect workshop for dancers who want to improve and/or master Salsa on2 timing & technique or students who want to move from dancing from on1 to on2.You will learn the tools that you need to loosen up the body and lead and/or follow more efficiently and smoothly, control balance, while adding power, style and dynamics to your dancing.
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4:00 Pm – 4:55 Pm Salsa On2 – Turns Patterns – Open Level
This workshop will focus on all the techniques from the Fundamentals workshop and implement them into more challenging tools and turn patterns. Learn more creative turn patterns and find out what’s behind the leading and following to make your turns look sharp, flawless and stylish.
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5:00 Pm – 5:55 PmSalsa On2 – Musicality & Shines – Open Level
This workshop will challenge the more experienced dancer by learning to connect to the musical instruments to change the way you dance and express yourself on the dance floor. Ladies will learn how to add arm styling and hip motion and guys will learn how to add body movement and sharpness, exploring creativity and musicality!
Then we learn a fun & creative shine choreography to high energy song that will make you sweat!



Savoy At Curtis Park

2700 Arapahoe Street
Denver, Colorado 80205

Time: 8:00 Pm – 12:30 Am

Music by

DJ Cuba


Click Here For Map

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