Conga & Clave Images from Dance With Feeling Webinar Oct 2012

When we are talking about salsa musicality and timing I like to use the sounds of the conga and clave as a method of teaching similar to the way we use it in Dance With Feeling. The reason is it’s easy to listen to and easy to interact with in Salsa music.
In October, we had a Salsa webinar (a live class online) and we were explaining with details of these sounds using graphics where you can actually see the connection of the numbers and the instrument sounds. This is a good way to extend the concept of listening to Salsa and express our dancing in different ways.
I promised to give you these graphics used in the webinar so you can keep them and study while you are listening to salsa music!

To download these graphics
1) Right click on the image that you want and save on your computer.
2) Click here to download the complete package

Thank you and see you in the next video!

Joel Dominguez

Note: If you want to see the complete webinar just add your information and I will redirect you to this video.