May Specialty Workshop

Rhythm, Movement, and Roots
with Edwin & Dakota - Areíto Arts


Week 1: Connection/Partnering Part 1 (Bachata vía Bolero)
Bolero warm-up to practice the concept of leading and following figures and shapes via resistance and cues. Bachata partnering covering rotations and beginner-intermediate turn patterns.

Week 2: Connection/Partnering part 2 (Bachata Regional Styles)
Merengue warm up to practice the concept of grounded steps and turn pattern variations. Bachata partnering covering more advanced turn patterns, along with different shapes and figures, while adding in more modern elements like sensuality and playful interaction.

Week 3: Footwork & Musicality (with live instruments)
Covers the music breakdown, three main rhythms on both Guira and Bongo, how to dance to each rhythm, the 4 possible timings and syncopations, and how to apply them to dancing with a fun and challenging footwork pattern.

Week 4: Social Dance Experience (Advanced Footwork and Partnering)
Begins with a more challenging footwork and partnerwork pattern based on previously learned content. Afterward, the class turns into a culminating dance party applying all previous content to various speeds of music. The focus will be on social dancing techniques, dance floor etiquette, and how to make each dance both playful and memorable by incorporating creativity and versatility.

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