Advanced Beginner

Salsa Skills & Techniques

The Advanced Beginner class consists of Salsa shines & tools (such as copas, wraps, 180's) and turn patterns. We cover the leading & following techniques of each tool and how to incorporate it into a Salsa turn pattern.

Must have a good foundation and understanding of Salsa timing, know how to lead/follow inside and outside turns, cross-body leads, as well as different variations and combinations using these tools.


Advanced Beginner consists of a 3 month syllabus. Every month (or group) will cover different shines and tools. This class is offered on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm, both days will go over the same material. The first 3 weeks of each group will build up to come together during the 4th week. We start a new group every month and spaces must be reserved.

If you started at JoelSalsa you must have completed the 8-week Salsa Bootcamp and preferably a few cycles of Bootcamp Part 2. If this is your very first time taking Advanced Beginner, please join Group A or B.

If you are coming from another studio - it is ideal to have at least 4-5 months of dancing Salsa On2. If you need a refresher course and want to get used to our style of teaching before jumping into this level - please join our Salsa Bootcamp Part 2.


  • No partner necessary
  • Reach your goals to learn how to dance salsa
  • Learn in a fun & friendly environment
  • Meet new people!
  • Feel comfortable on the dance floor
  • Master your fundamentals to be able to become a more advanced dancer

Advanced Beginner Groups

Please check the dates below to join us for this level.

🗓The studio will be closed from 12/20/19 to 1/3/20 for the Holidays. This will not affect cycle dates.

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4 Classes
$72Expires 30 days from 1st class

    8 Classes
    $130Expires 60 days from 1st class

      $145Expires 30 days from 1st class