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Salsa Bootcamp NYC

Salsa Bootcamp NYC

Salsa Bootcamp – Beginner Course

The Salsa Beginner Bootcamp is an 8-weeks course that will teach you the Fundamentals of Salsa (Steps, Basic Turns & Combos) and in the second part of the course you will be able to create more challenging turn patterns and shines as you progress with the fundamentals.

How The 8-Weeks Course Works:

We split the course into 2 parts – Level 1 – Fundamentals and Level 2 – Shines & Turn Patterns.

Each part is 4 weeks. After you finish your 4 weeks at Level 1, the following month you will go into Level 2 to finish an additional 4 weeks. Giving you your full 8-week course. We recommend taking the whole course to get the most benefit.

Please check our schedule below to see times of both levels.

Purpose of The Course:

The main purpose of this Salsa Bootcamp is to help you reach your
goals to learn how to dance salsa in the most easiest and fun way possible!

Whether you are just looking to have fun, dance with your other half, meet new people,feel comfortable on the dance floor or master your fundamentals to be able to become a more advanced dancer……it’s the perfect program for you!

Let us help you to take your dance to the next level!!

Our Instructors:

All of our classes have both male & female instructor so ladies and gentlemen can follow both ways of instruction to benefit everyone’s learning experience……

They will explain the steps and turn patterns to make your repertory of salsa moves fluent, sexy and smooth and most importantly musical.


We start new cycles/courses every month and spaces must be reserved.
You must click the NEXT button on the schedule below until you see the first date of the cycle you want to sign up for……

New Cycle Start Dates: 2017

January Cycle – January 3rd or 5th
February Cycle – January 31st or February 2nd
March Cycle – February 28th or March 2nd

Full Course lasts 8-weeks for $125
(Best deal and Highly recommended)

You can choose to do half of the course – $69

STEP 1 – Buy Your Package
STEP 2 – Reserve Your Space by Signing Up On The Schedule Below
  • 4 Classes

  • $69

  • 17.25 per class
  • (30 Day Exp)
  • 8 Classes

  • $109

    (Combo Package)

  • 13.62 per class
  • (30 Day Exp)
  • 8 Classes

  • $125

    (Salsa Bootcamp)

  • 15.62 per class
  • (60 Day Exp)
  • Unlimited

  • $135

  • 11.25 or less per class
  • (30 Day Exp)
  • VIP Membership

  • $125

  • 10.00 or less per class
  • (30 Day Exp)
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