• How to Dance Salsa – Numbers vs Conga Tumbao

    How to Dance Salsa – Numbers vs Tumbao of Conga

    Salsa Tips Tuesdays – Video 5

    How to Dance Salsa - Tumbao vs Numbers - Salsa On2

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  • Salsa Tip Tuesday – Control and Balance Tips Salsa Video

    Maria Palmieri gives tips to control balance for ladies turns!

    Salsa Tips Tuesdays – Video 4

    Salsa Tip Tuesdays - Balance Tips for Ladies - Video 4 thumbnail

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  • Salsa Tip Tuesday – Wrap Salsa Turns

    Salsa Tip Tuesdays with Joel Dominguez and Maria Palmieri

    How to do wraps in salsa dancing and how to connect with your partner for better leading and following.

    Salsa Tip Tuesdays Using Wrap-Turns-JoelSalsa-Thumbnails-Video-3

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  • Salsa Tip Tuesday V 2 – Intermediate Salsa Turns with Crossbody Leads

    Salsa Tip Tuesday day 2
    Joel Dominguez and Maria Palmieri explain important tips to lead the ladies into intermediate turns.

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  • Salsa Tip Tuesday – How to Lead and Follow a Cross Body Lead in Salsa

    Salsa Tip Tuesdays 1 - Lead and follow crossbody lead in salsa-OKHow to Lead and Follow a Cross Body Lead in Salsa?

    Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri explain in this video on detail how to lead and follow a cross body lead to make sure is working on the dance floor.

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  • Conga and Clave in Dance With Feeling

    Conga & Clave Images from Dance With Feeling Webinar Oct 2012

    When we are talking about salsa musicality and timing I like to use the sounds of the conga and clave as a method of teaching similar to the way we use it in Dance With Feeling. The reason is it’s easy to listen to and easy to interact with in Salsa music.
    In October, we had a Salsa webinar (a live class online) and we were explaining with details of these sounds using graphics where you can actually see the connection of the numbers and the instrument sounds. This is a good way to extend the concept of listening to Salsa and express our dancing in different ways.
    I promised to give you these graphics used in the webinar so you can keep them and study while you are listening to salsa music!

    To download these graphics
    1) Right click on the image that you want and save on your computer.
    2) Click here to download the complete package

    Thank you and see you in the next video!

    Joel Dominguez

    Note: If you want to see the complete webinar just add your information and I will redirect you to this video.

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  • The First Step Before Start Dancing Salsa

    The first step before learning to dance salsa

    When learning to dance salsa, the first thing you need to take into account is the style you want to learn

    Imagine that you invest 4 or 5 months of your time and money to learn salsa on 1 (during this time you don’t know what salsa on 1 or salsa on 2 or any other style is). You feel you are ready to go out dancing and practice your salsa steps and turn patterns. You arrive at the club where all the dancers are and can’t understand why you can’t even dance a step with your partner. It turns out that you have learnt to dance on 1 (without reralising there are different styles) and most people in your area dance on 2.

    What a waste of time and money!

    So before starting clases, I recommend that your find out what style of salsa is mainly danced in the area where you live. For example in New York, the main style is on 2, while in Los Angeles, they mainly dance on 1 (also known as New York style and LA style salsa)

    So contact some of the clubs near where you live and ask them what is the main style of salsa, Cuban salsa, Salsa on 1, Salsa on 2, Colombian Salsa etc

    Here are some videos where I explain the difference between dancing on 1 and dancing on 2

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  • 10 Things to avoid on the dance floor

    10 Things to avoid on the dance floor

    When you go out dancing there are some things to be aware of that will ensure that you have a good time, enjoy yourself more and get along with others who, like you and I, love to dance. Over time I have been studying these points and in discussions with others and exchanges of opinions, these are the things that stand out .

    Let me know what you think, if you agree with these points and especially how best to avoid them =)

    Here is my list of the top ten things to avoid on the dance floor

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  • How to use Salsa Beat Machine

    I am going to show you a computer program that can help you to practice salsa.

    This software will help you to understand the different sounds of the instruments used in salsa. In the following video I will show you how you can use one instrument in particular or change the speed of the music to increase the difficulty.

    You can find this software on www.SalsaBeatMachine.org and you can use it at no cost in your home.

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  • Salsa Clave 3-2 & Salsa Clave 2-3

    Salsa Clave 2-3 and Salsa Clave 3-2

    (Clave Son)

    When we speak about the clave, if you like salsa then you will know that the first thing that comes to mind is dancing. You may ask yourself: Is it possible to dance just by listening to the clave or do you need to hear the whole orchestra in order to feel the rhythm and begin to dance?

    Well I can tell you that just by listening for the clave, you can begin to dance. The clave is the main instrument that dictates the rhythm of the entire orchestra, and tells dancers when to dance and which rhythm to dance to.

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