• Salsa Class NYC Intermediate 2012-06-06

    Salsa class in New York Intermediate Level by Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri.

    Demo of Salsa class at JoelSalsa June 6th 2012.

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  • Salsa Class New York JoelSalsa 2012-06-06

    Salsa Class in New York at JoelSalsa Advanced Beginner Level 2012-June-06

    Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri demo.

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  • Video Example for Bootcampers

    These videos are examples of the videos that we have for all our Salsa Bootcampers.
    Don’t remember what you learned in class? No Problem you can review these videos
    as many times as you need.



    To register Click Here!

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  • Salsa Classes JoelSalsa Reminder and New Location

    Hello this is an update for our new Salsa Classes and for our New Location at Pearl Studios New York.

    have a great weekend and happy 4th of July!

    Hello this is a friendly reminder about our NEW Location!!!

    This coming week we start our Salsa Classes including our
    Salsa Bootcamp of 8 Weeks!!

    We are moving to a New Location…..

    Pearl Studios
    519 8th Ave – 12th floor (cross street 36th Street)
    New York, NY

    (Check the screen for JoelSalsa Classes/Bootcamps)

    === Salsa Bootcamp for Absolute Beginners (Tuesday & Thursday) ===

    6.30pm Salsa Bootcamp – Part 1

    If you are coming for the 1st time you can come and pay at the
    door but please be there 15 min prior to register.

    7.30pm Salsa Bootcamp – Part 2 (continuation)

    If you are ready for Part 2 you will come now at 7.30pm

    === Salsa Level 1 – Wednesday ===

    If you finished your 8 weeks of Salsa Bootcamp (Fundamentals) now you are ready to
    join Salsa Level 1(we will master all the fundamentals to prepare you for Level 2. We strongly recommend a few cycles of Level 1 before advancing to next level.)

    If you feel that you need more practice during the week we highly recommend to take Level 1 but also review Part 2 of the salsa bootcamp. This is a great way to strengthen your fundamentals and improve your dancing skills.

    === Salsa Level 2 (Tuesday & Wednesday) ===

    Now we have two classes for Level 2/3 ! We are opening Tuesday 8.30pm Shines with style class! This class will help you strengthen your timing and technique you need to get on the dance floor. At the same time you will create muscle memory. Plus it will be a fun class! Get ready to SWEAT!

    Thursday class will be Level 2 Turn patterns. This class is intended for you to practice the most commonly used salsa patterns danced socially and will give you the confidence to execute the Level 3 turn patterns. Highly recommended you take both Level 2 & Level 3 turn patterns so that you can connect the two.

    === Salsa Level 3 ( Wednesday ) ===

    This class is for students that have a good understanding of the timing and are ready for a challenge, we will be creating new patterns using the techniques we learned on level 2 and the previous levels, making your turns look sexy for the ladies and precise and smooth for the guys.

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