• Katlyn Rodriguez So You Think You Can Dance – Salsa

    Katlyn Rodriguez and Her Brother representing with Salsa On 2 in So You Think You Can Dance.

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  • Houston Salsa Congress

    Melissa Rosado & Joel Dominguez
    Great experience like always working with Melissa Rosado performing at one of the best Salsa Congreses in USA

    Houston Salsa Congress

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  • Frankie Martinez and Magna Gopal

    Frankie Martinez and Magna Gopal dancing a Cha Cha song at the Istanbul International Dance Festival, one of the biggest dance festivals in the world with more than 5000 dance lovers.

    Thank you to SalsaMalsa.tv for sharing these videos

    They are both great dancers and instructors located in New York City and New Jersey. Frankie Martinez is the Director of Abakua Afro-Latin Dance Company and Magna Gopal is a great dancer known worldwide for her interpretation of the music using her musicality skills.

    Frankie Martinez – abakuadancers.org/site/home.html

    Magna Gopal – MagnaGopal.com

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  • Tribute to El Gran Combo

    Each year Puerto Rico produces a DVD and CD dedicated to salsa artists. The Banco Popular of Puerto Rico sponsors this initiative, and this year has chosen to recognize El Gran Combo.

    Many of the Gran Combo’s songs are dedicated to the people of Puerto Rico and for this and many reasons they have been popular for over 47 years.

    One of the things that inspired me to write this is that the money raised by the sales of the DVD and CD is used to contribute towards the education of young musicians in Puerto Rico.

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  • Thank you 2…

    I would like to include in this note of thanks all the people who took the time to send me congratulations for my birthday, as well as everyone who has helped me one way or another to carry out my projects.

    To my parents, my sisters and my new family, the Palmieris, who are always there for me and, of course, my beautiful girlfriend Maria who is always at my side, supporting me in everything I do.

    I would like to thank my friends Alfredo and Antonio for keeping the LVG Social going, and above all, everyone who supports us every two weeks with their attendance.

    To all my friends in Dallas who always treat me as part of the family – thank you.

    I could continue, but then I would never finish, there are many who I have not mentioned, but who I want to know that I also give my thanks to for being my friends.

    And last but not least, I give thanks to God.

    I hope that you all spend happy times with your friends and family this Christmas.
    And I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2011, may all your dreams come true
    With my best wishes

    Joel Domínguez.

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  • Which style of salsa should I learn?

    When speaking about dance styles it is important to keep in mind that one is not better than another, they are simply different and everyone chooses their style according to a range of factors:

    Place where you live
    Places you like to go to dance

    Personally I respect all styles of dance and for me the most important thing is to have fun when you dance salsa.

    I would like to begin by talking about my personal experience and the different styles of salsa that I have learnt and taught over the years:

    • Salsa on 2, or mambo (New York or Puerto Rican)
    • Cuban style
    • Salsa on 1
    • Colombian style
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  • The incredible benefits of dancing salsa

    It is well known that dancing is one of the best ways to have fun and relieve stress. But that is not all, do you know about all the significant benefits for your health that dancing offers?

    According to studies from the Mayo Clinic, social dancing can help to:

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  • Dallas Salsa Congress 2010

    The Dallas Salsa Congress starts this weekend, if you want to have a great salsa weekend this will be the place to be, you can expect have fun, performances, workshops and much more…

    Just to mention some of the artist that will be performing salsa shows and teaching workshops thru the weekend you can read this list:

    From: Texas, Puerto Rico, California, Florida, Hawaii, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Tennessee, Utah, Mexico, Italy, Toronto Canada  and more…

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